T.R. Clark Manufacturing, Inc. was established in 1978. By utilizing an envelope tolerance concept we developed a full-contour, hard fixturing approach to solve the difficult problem of how to quickly, easily, and confidently ensure the accuracy of a bent tube, wire or formed hose. This concept ensured that no part of the product was outside its allowable positional tolerance. Basically, it provided for a Poke Yoke method to verification.

In 1986, with the help of Bowling Green State University personnel, we developed a CAD/CAM system to produce check fixtures in a more precise and effective manner.

In 1997, in keeping with our vision for continuous improvement, T .R. Clark Manufacturing pursued and received ISO9002 registration. In 1999 we received ISO9001 registration along with AS9000 compliance.

In 1998, after twenty years of refining our processes, the company’s name changed to Clark Fixture Technologies. The name change helped demonstrate our commitment to the technologies involved in building accurate and functional fixtures that enable our customers to manufacture quality parts.

Today we service accounts in over ten countries and have our website and literature available in English and Spanish. We also participate in Trade Shows, speak at various seminars, and publish articles on pertinent issues in industry trade publications.

At Clark Fixture Technologies, we are excited to be in business at this time in history. We believe that we have much to contribute not only to our customers but also to the tube, wire, and hose industries.