Clark Fixture Technologies created the prototype fixture for the exhaust system for the new electric Chevy Volt.

Clark Fixture Technologies supplied fixturing for the following components in the JSF F-135 and the Raptor F-119:

  • Internal tubing
  • External tubing
  • Lift Fan tubular components
  • Fuel Manifold
  • Swivel Duct Actuator Hose

With the utilization of a composite full-cavity style fixture, high liability medical tubing can be assembled according to specification.There is no guess work as to whether valves have been assembled correctly and tubing is cut to the correct lengths. All fixtures are verified in a NIST traceable lab.

Clark Fixture Technologies works extensively with numerous OEMs of Motorcycles and other recreational vehicles. Whether it is to provide a check fixture for support stays to frame tubing or accessory bumpers to racks; we provide check fixtures made in various materials, depending on the application, to assure that the product will provide perfect fit on the vehicle.

In many cases, we can also incorporate in-process capability affording you the opportunity to save expense on buying numerous fixtures.