With over twenty three years of experience in working within various industries and countries, we have found that, even with the advent of “tube readers” and similar devices, it is imperative to have Poke Yoke fixturing on the shop floor.


The envelope tolerance concept, whether in a full- contour or more open pin style, is the best means to verify quality. It allows virtually any person with a minimum amount of training to know whether their work is acceptable. When applied at each stage of production it also assures the early elimination of defective parts, which eliminates value adding to scrap.

Our fixtures are, in departure of the old method, made in what might be termed as unibody construction, which provides two benefits: First of all the machining tolerance is distributed over the entire fixture, rather then stacking up the cumulative tolerances of many individual blocks. Secondly, it provides for a robustly constructed fixture. The result is a more accurate fixture that can be delivered quickly and last the entire life of the program.

With numerous quality verifications built into our ISO 9001 certified procedure we believe we can provide you with the best in process or final audit check fixture available.