Electronic Fixtures

Let our team at Clark fixture Technologies, in either México or the USA, help you develop a fixture that incorporates various electronic components to provide you either variable data in your verification process or foolproof your check fixture. Through the use of various sensors or laser technology, aspects of your product can be verified via non-contact methods. Leak-testing is another example of what can be added onto a traditional checking fixture.

Also, it is possible to create a fixture that can be incorporated into your automated work cell. The fixture in the middle photo above was developed to allow a robotic arm to grab the part from the bender and place it in the fixture. When the proximity sensors in the bottom of the cavity confirm that the part is located in the fixture the PLC (customer will provide) will trigger the other two sensors to verify the part is within the allowable linear tolerance and if so the PLC will tell the arm to retrieve the part and place it in the bin for good parts. If the part is incorrect, via the linear sensors, the arm would retrieve and place the part in a separate bin for rejected parts.

We have also helped create fixtures for automated inspection, for example of Automotive Filler Tubes, that can take a lot of the “inspection” activity out of the hands of the operators. This allows the operators to focus on what they do best.

These are just a few examples of what we can do in the area of fixtures that include electronic devices.