Production Fixtures

These fixtures are CAD/CAM designed and CMM Certification is available. They come in a wide variety of types and materials for various applications. We offer a large assorment of end-features for verifying almost any end-detail and our Poke Yoke approach assures 100% quality on the production floor.

Full-Contour Style

Various end-details available.

Pin Style

Bushings for zero tolerance or full tolerance.

Sectional Fixture

Available for single tube and bundle assemblies and one base covers numerous part numbers.

Tube/Hose Assemblies

Slide accommodates varying tolerances between the tube and the hose.

Bundle Assembly Fixture

Clark Fixture Technologies designs and manufactures various styles of Bundle Assembly verification fixtures.

One fixture style utilizes an open architecture in which only the clips and end-points are captured, leaving the tube routing openly suspended. This approach is used when the individual tubes have been previously processed through their own single line routing verification fixtures, thereby tasking this Bundle Assembly fixture style with the verification of whether the connecting and end-points are within specification.

Another Bundle Assembly fixture style is one which captures the entire bundle assembly tube routing, clip points and end-points, thereby acting as a final audit fixture.